The Benefits of Using 3D Ultrasound Technology to See Better

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 4 November 2022
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Technology leaves its mark in every industry known to mankind. Its impact on fertility treatments is nothing short of excellent. One such technology that revolutionized healthcare is 3-Dimensional Ultrasound. As the title suggests, it helps us see better. In this article, let us see what is 3D ultrasound and its advantages.

What is 3D Ultrasound?

Like the 2D imaging systems, 3D ultrasounds use high frequency sound waves and an imaging software to create clearer and sharper images of the organs.

Since it provides 3-dimensional images of the organs, it is widely used by pregnant ladies, people undergoing IVF and IUI treatments, and people with gynecological issues.

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How is it done?

The technician will apply a gel to the area to be scanned. A transducer is moved along the area. The sound waves from the transducer create a 3D picture of the organ.

Advantages of 3D Ultrasound

For patients with fertility issues:

To find whether the uterus has fibroids, polyps, or septum.

To figure out bulges and fluid collection in the tube.

To find the cysts in the ovary.

For IVF and IUI patients:

To calculate the right dosage during the second day scan.

To calculate the number of eggs during the 10th day of injection.

To track the follicles and rupture of eggs.

For Pregnant Women:

Anomalies in the fetus can be easily identified.

To check the well-being of the baby.

No risk to the mother and the baby.

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