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aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 08 Jun 2022
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There are 3 main methods of treatment to get pregnant. They are Ovulation Induction & Follicular Monitoring, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI ) and IVF / ICSI.

Sometimes even the best methods don’t give the solution for the problems and it is really traumatic to have negative result after IVF. But don’t worry, there are solutions

The problems are mainly divided into two,

Embryo related

Uterus or endometrium related

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Embryo related reasons

1. Pre Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies

The embryos formed after IVF / ICSI is biopsied on day 5 blastocyst stage and then tested. Embryos normal on testing are transferred into uterus. There is also grading of these normal embryos based on mitochondrial activity which also in addition tells us which embryo to be transferred first.

2. Growing upto blastocyst stage

Embryos are generally transferred either on day 3 / cleavage stage embryos or day 5 / blastocyst stage embryos. Blastocyst stage embryo transfer helps to select which embryo has the best potential to grow. So blastocyst transfer is better than cleavage stage embryo. From the first it is Zygote, two cell stage, four cell stage, cleavage stage or day 3 embryo and last is the day5 or blastocyst embryo.

3. Protocols for injections or stimulation can be improved

So that good oocyte is formed

4. Better sperm can be produced by giving antioxidants, life style changes, followed by best sperm selection techniques for ICSI treatments

Uterus or endometrium related reasons

Hysteroscopy to diagnose and treat endometrial anatomical problems

ERA or Endometrial Receptivity Array to select best time of embryo transfer

Use of PRP or Growth factors from our own blood after processing , to in still into uterus to improve endometrial blood flow and thickness and so better sticking of embryo to uterus. Reduces miscarriage or abortion rates also.

With all these latest technologies, we can definitely ensure that all problems are sorted out and we get our own babies.