A menopause for men

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 08 Aug 2022
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Andropause is the lowered testosterone level in men due to aging. Testosterone is the male sex hormone produced in the testicles that is responsible for sexual development and operations in a male like facial hair, deep voice, sperm production, libido, muscle strength and more. As men age the level of testosterone and sperm production lowers.

It is common but when the level lowers to the unusual depths, it indicates Andropause. Andropause as opposed to the abrupt menopause is gradual and there’s no definite age cut-offs. It is the lowering androgen, testosterone and late onset of hypogonadism.

However, the symptoms of andropause are similar to menopause. Andropausal males tend to experience:

Mood swings

Hot flashes

Low sex drive

Difficulty with erection

Loss of muscle strength


Complications do accompany andropause like cardiovascular problems and osteoporosis.

The symptoms of andropause are similar to that of aging, so doctor consultation and testing are advised to be sure of the conditions.

As the symptoms are not clear, the tests help the doctors eliminate the causes that are not andropause.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

There are treatments to reverse andropause. They are:

Testosterone replacement : Testosterone in the blood is restored which reduces symptoms.

Skin patches : These patches contain testosterone which are placed on the skin which increases the testosterone level gradually.

Capsulest : Testosterones are also taken in form of capsules which are taken twice every day after meal.

Injections : Testosterones are injected into the muscle.

But before taking any of these treatments for andropause, take doctors’ advice as to find the right medication after serious considerations of your health conditions.