During Pregnancy on Covid-19

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 24 Jun 2022
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The earlier the diagnosis, the sooner the intervention. There are blood investigations like Complete Blood Count, CRP, LDH, Serum Ferritin which will help in early intervention. CT Chest is usually not done during pregnancy, but in certain severe illness it is done with low radiation and abdominal shields.

What should I avoid?

Avoid people. Sounds insensitive but it’s not. You’ve got a baby to protect! Avoid Baby-showers and even weddings of close relatives. If it’s that irresistible and you really have to, go online. Once the pandemic is over, you’ll have plenty of time to get back together and show love. Avoidance is important as many have lost their precious lives due to Covid during pregnancy.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

I am Covid positive and I have an appointment for scan!

For the 1st/viability scan, NT/12-week scan, Anomaly/5th month scan or Growth scan, it can be done without any complications, after you result negative for Covid, even if the scan is 2 weeks delayed. But if there is bleeding/pain/decreased fetal movements, it is vital to get prefixed appointments from Covid Care Centre and opt for a consultation. Pregnancy medications like Iron and Calcium can be continued during Covid.

Will Covid infect or have adverse effects on my baby or my pregnancy?

No. A Covid infected mom need not necessarily transmit the virus to the baby/babies in her womb. Infection through placenta happens only in extremely rare cases. So far, no teratogenicity or anomalies are documented in babies because of Covid. But there is a minimum increase in miscarriage rates, preterm delivery rates, elevated liver enzymes and blood pressure. The severity of these ailments is slightly more during pregnancy if you’re tested positive for Covid.

What about Covid medications?

Antibiotic Azithromycin, Dexamethasone, Vitamin C and Zinc is safe during pregnancy. But Doxy and Ivermectic should not be consumed. All medicines should be taken only under doctor’s advice, so please be mindful of that. Antivirals like Remdisivir can also be taken.

Post/during Delivery – What you should know

Delivering under the guidance of a Covid physician and Obstetrician is important. During delivery, masks are a must. Post delivery, isolate baby from the Covid positive mom immediately. After delivery, there is increased risk of Thrombosis/Clot formation, so taking Blood thinners like Aspirin and Heparin is important. Proper Physiotherapy or Mobilization, Hydration, Sleep, Rest, Nutrition and continuous monitoring of important parameters like Pulse Rate, SPO2, Respiratory Rate, Breath Holding time for three to four times a day for 14 days is important. CT Chest to rule out lung infection or to score the infection can be done after delivery for preventing adverse complications.

Cure for Covid

So far, prevention is the best found cure. Maintaining proper hand hygiene, wearing masks regularly, following a healthy diet and not getting into contact with people, is the only proven method for preventing Covid. If you are a Covid positive mom, your responsibility to keep your child safe should supersede your desire to express your love. When you’ve recovered fully, dote them dearly. Your baby will thank you.