Fact in Customer Service Healthcare Industry

aruna-ashokAshok Kumar | 20 May 2022
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Customer relations are not just for companies. The Healthcare industry is in fact a customer service industry. The quality of care provided is directly proportional to the quality of daily interactions between the staff and patients. The standards of any healthcare centre is purely based on that.

Customer service in healthcare industries begin with adopting a patient centric perspective. Unlike other industries, healthcare needs to pay more attention to each and every customer, because they differ in a way that they are often patients, not clients or customers.

And more often than not, it is a matter of life and death. We can only imagine the level of mental stress and anxiety the patients and their family go through and it is only fair that healthcare workers take that into account while dealing with them.

Elements of Customer Relations

In healthcare Industry, the three main elements that will make Customer relations dignified are,




Without compassion, healthcare workers will have a hard time ensuring patient satisfaction. When patients seek treatment, that is not all they seek. They seek empathy and assurance. Compassion addresses these aspects of a patient and not only is it good for patients, but also it is great for hospitals.

Compassion literally means ‘to suffer together’. Giving hope to the patients before treating them gives patients emotional and moral support they need and helps them recover faster. Compassion leads the way to Cure.

The effectiveness of the treatment provided to patients cures them of what they want cured. They need personal attention and thorough communication about their health.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

When it comes to patient care, it is essentially determined by the quality of infrastructure, training, personnel competence and efficiency of operational systems in the hospitals. It is not just about the treatment but the factors surrounding it.

Putting together all these is what a health care industry needs to ensure quality customer relations. The professional trust that health care providers build with their patients is a key component towards establishing professional relationship with the patients. Even in healthcare industry, customer relations is key.

Revenue is not generated out of diseases but by healthcare workers’ response to diseases. In terms of online reviews, patients who have had negative experiences are more likely to drop a review.

This in turn, affects the overall reputation of the hospital they are referring to and it is only wise and fair to stop it from happening. And the way to do it, is to establish exceptional customer relations, in this case, patient care.