Chastised for their inability to conceive

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 16 Aug 2022
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Gone are the days when women were chastised for their inability to conceive. We are in the era of fertility treatments, the ultimate human advancement (think a little deeper).

Fertility treatments identifies, localizes and rectifies infertility in both male and female. Though, it keeps the human species going with IVFs, ICSIs, surrogacies and so on, ethical conundrums do exist.

Major Ethical Concerns

Multiple Pregnancy : The infusion of multiple embryos during In Vitro Fertilization (Infusion of sperm and egg in a laboratory dish and placing the fertilized and developed embryo into the womb) to ensure pregnancy may lead to unexpected multiple pregnancy.

Although, the process could be done with the patients’ consent, development of two or more fetus would lead to some setbacks like premature birth, health issues and lower birth weight.

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Fate of unutilized Embryos : The embryos that are left unused following IVF treatment are usually frozen for future conception.

The fate of the frozen embryos in case of death or divorce has to be pre-determined. If not, it paves way for serious ethical concerns.

Surrogacy : Surrogacy can turn messy if it not carried out with clear and concise guidelines.

Both the surrogate and the donor couple have to have understanding and written statements like contracts to know their role in the process and the future of the child.

Fertility treatments in India are run with mere official guidelines unlike some countries that protect the genuinity of the process with their law.

The impending law has patients depending on the hospitals’ policies that best speak to them.

Here, at A4 hospital and fertility centre, we are known for our sincerity towards the patients in all aspects while we provide the best to make the impossible possible.