Fertility Treatments the chance of Twin Pregnancy

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 04 Jun 2022
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We know in fertility treatments the chance of twin pregnancy is more when compared to natural conception.

In most families the twin conception is celebrated with happiness.

It is in fact cheerful and happy to have twin babies delivered but it is not so for all conceptions.

The draw backs of twin pregnancy are

Need to take physical rest / quit working during pregnancy , particularly after 24 weeks

Risk of miscarriage after 5th month due to weak uterine mouth or cervix. To prevent this there may be need to do cervical cerclage or uterine mouth tightening

Risk of preterm labour or preterm fluid leaking, which leads to delivery before the dates and so admission in NICU. Admission in NICU often creates emotional and financial burden

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

Increased incidence of increased BP during pregnancy

There are identical twins who might have weight discrepancy . One of the twin might be underweight than the other

Due to these reasons, we try to explain patients who have good success rates, good embryos, weak uterus or previous pregnancy loss to go with single embryo transfer to have safe pregnancy and healthy child.