Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 24 Apr 2022
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Not enough sperm in the ejaculate to father children? The advanced method ‘Micro-TESE’ is the go-to procedure to turn your luck. The procedure is performed using a micro dissecting microscope that localizes the tissue that needs to be removed. The meticulous procedure is done under general anesthesia by an experienced surgeon in a specific interval of time.

To add to your bundle of joy, A4 Hospital and Fertility Centre is now equipped with the advanced technology to conduct the procedure.

Micro TESE is for

Men with ample amount of testosterone but unable to produce normal amount of sperm

Men who remain azoospermia (disorder that leads to inadequate or no sperm production) even after treatment and the hormone level has been adequate for three to four months.

Men with non obstructive azoopermia, that is sperm production itself is very low and sparse , the exact site of sperm production can be identified.

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Why Micro TESE?

One, the success rate is high. The probability of finding the required amount of sperm is better than good.

Two, it is by far the safest procedure. The damage done to the testis is less as the amount of tissue that has to be removed is less.

Micro TESE vs TESE

The chief difference between Micro TESE and TESE is that Micro TESE has the keen magnifying microscope that pinpoints the location of the tissue during the procedure. This makes all the difference as although both the procedures are conducted with an incision on the testis, the endgame is vastly dissimilar. The procedure is safer and the damages done to the testis is lot less than in TESE with the 60% success rate into the bargain.

Preliminary tests and medications

Most of the men will undergo karyotyping and Y chromosome Microdeletion before the procedure for safety. They will also be given hormone injections and medications for atleast 8-12 weeks before the procedure to get best outcome.

Why to do in tertiary level fertility centre like us?

After identifying the sperms, freezing those precious sperms using technology like Sperm VD and other techniques for future use during ICSI treatment for female partner need a team of trained Embryologist and advanced IVF lab . This most of the time avoids the repeat procedure during the ICSI treatments