PCOS and Infertility: A Guide to Treatments

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 04 Sep 2022
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PCOS could cause various effects that might have problems in the physical, mental, and psychological health of females. PCOS causes hair loss, excessive hair growth on the face and chest, and infertility. Many women face such a condition.

Though infertility due to PCOS was incurable initially, healthcare industries have evolved to provide alternate solutions. The conception dreams can come true with advanced healthcare facilities.

What is PCOS? Why does it occur?

PCOS is a situational condition of a hormonal imbalance. Men and women tend to have estrogen and androgen hormones getting generated in their bodies. Women have higher levels of estrogen and men have greater levels of androgens.

Women affected by PCOS have high levels of androgens, high enough to affect the female metabolism appreciably. This imbalance creates interference with follicular growth and ovulation. This affects the natural menstrual cycle. This causes various issues such as hair growth, male pattern balding, or cystic acne.

The disordered ovulation process might lead to endometria, which is uterine line thickening. When PCOS is not treated at the right intervals, it might lead to infertility or even endometrial cancer.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

Infertility due to PCOS – Treatments

Medicines : Medication is the first step to stimulating ovulation. In many cases, intercourse timing awareness and medicines might be enough for conception. The physicians monitor the side effects in case of any.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) : Medicines are not sufficient in some cases. So, fertility clinics inject the concentrated sperm from the male partner directly into the uterus. This procedure is quick and painless. The embryo gets impregnated simply.

InVitro Fertilization : IVF is an advanced scientific method. This treatment is very effective in making people conceive. The doctors take the egg outside, process them with sperm and fertilize them it an external environment. They implant the most viable embryo in the uterus to create a pregnancy.

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