Making Stronger and Healthier Babies Through Pre-Genetic Testing

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 12 Oct 2022
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Human reach is on the verge of exceeding human imagination. Pre-implantation genetic testing is one such method where we witness practical means of applying advanced sciences. In Pre-implantation genetic testing, the embryo is taken for a genetic test and the genetic abnormalities are removed and the healthy embryo is implanted back into the ovary of the female parent. Thus, the embryo is free of genetic defects that have been passed on from the parent DNA to the DNA of the offspring. When we incorporate PGT the embryo becomes immune to genetic disorders such as down syndrome. We will look into the process and benefits of PGT.

PGT: A Process Overview

PGT is of access when the embryo has chromosomal errors or genetic discrepancies. This method is used to find genetic abnormalities in both the number and structure of chromosomes. This also helps in finding the single gene defects before being transferred into the uterus of the female parent. Embryos that show a normal number and structure characteristic chromosomes are euploid and abnormal embryos are called aneuploid.

PGT enables the doctors to make the embryo with euploid chromosomes to be transferred to the uterus. The sperm of the male partner is fused with the female eggs to form an embryo in an IVF procedure. When the embryo reaches the fifth day of development and forms a blastocyst, cells from the embryo are taken for a biopsy. The culture is sent for genetic testing. The entire pair of chromosomes (23) are tested for defects using a microarray comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) or Next generation Sequencing techniques (NGS).

Here the genetic selection is based on genetic normality. The normal embryos are selected for embryo transfer into the uterus of the female parent. This increases the possibility of a healthy conception, prevents miscarriage, and reduces the time of conception. If the genetic results are obtained within 24 hours from the genetic lab, the embryo transfer can be committed in the same cycle of embryo biopsy. If the genetic results take 1-2 weeks to report, the embryos are frozen after the biopsy and the healthy genetic embryos are transferred to the mother's uterus in a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

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PGT: Benefits and points to take into consideration

PGT is an advanced means of making babies that are free from genetic disorders such as down syndrome, color blindness, and much more. PGT also helps the parents to avoid miscarriages and reduces the time of conception. With advances in science, PGT proves to be one of the most effective means to find and correct genetic defects.

Research suggests that when PGT is carried out correctly, over 1500 genetic disorders can be cured. Genetically abnormal embryos are discarded or taken for research after getting consent from the parents. This makes the offspring get rid of genetic disorders of various kinds. PGT centers prohibit sexual selection using the process.

Experienced doctors make PGT a great means of getting healthy babies. Fertility centers like A4 Fertility Centers care for the patient and their offspring. They provide supreme facilities and advanced fertility treatment. A4 Fertility provides the best possible way for the parents and makes them conceive a healthy child.