RI witness and its uses in fertility treatments

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 16 Oct 2022
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Have you ever worried about your samples getting mismatched while undergoing IVF treatment? Well, those days are over. Over the years fertility treatments have evolved to an astronomical level.

These days, the system is very foolproof that you just can’t pass through it if something is off to a microscopic level. A system of that sort is RI witness. RI witness is a latest technology that is serving the fertility industry by safeguarding the samples of patients throughout the fertility treatment.

What is RI witness?

RI witness is a technology that provides the highest level of security a patient would expect while coming in for fertility treatment. This technology makes sure the technician is free from any worries of making an error while handling samples of patients.

Thereby it allows the equipment handler to work with more confidence and instill more trust among the patients. Since RI witness uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology it is 100 percent safe.

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Mismatch Identification

If in case there is a mismatch, RI witness with the use of RFID technology can identify it and notifies it with an alarm. This makes RI witness a gold standard for mismatch prevention.

How does RI witness work?

Step 1 : Each couple is provided with a unique ID, which they present while egg or sperm retrieval.

Step 2 : These IDs work under the Radio Frequency Identification technology. It identifies, tracks, and records samples during each step of the process.

Step 3 : If there is any mismatch, the system will immediately trigger an alarm.

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