Semen Samples and Preparations

#Aruna Ashok | 24 Mar 2022
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Testing for male infertility is as important as test the female for infertility. It ensures and enlightens the plight of their infertility and where much of the treatments and focus is necessary. It covers a lot more area which seeks answers quickly and correctly. To test male infertility, Semen Analysis is the foremost test to be considered. It’s ‘All problem, one solution’ kind of test. It covers major part of what could be wrong.

Semen is an ejaculation from the human male following him achieving orgasm. The ejaculation consists of sperms, which contains the genetic material. When the sperm enters the egg (available in the human female), fertilization occurs and eventually conception.

Semen Samples are deposited by the male either through masturbation (a preferred method) or one is givens a non-lubricated condom to be used during intercourse.

Analysis: The test checks for

pH of the semen as acidity can affect the sperms.

Volume of the semen.

Number of sperms that are alive in the semen sample.

Motility of the sperm.

Size and shape sperm.

Presence of White Blood Cells that indicate infections.

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Preparations : There are few things that should be done (or not) before giving the sample. Namely

Abstinence for 2 to 7 days prior to giving the sample.

Avoid intake of caffeine, alcohol and drugs (which would also improve your fertility if followed longer)

Medications, if any, after discussion with the doctor.

The consistency of the semen varies with each ejaculation. Thus, it requires you to deposit the sample with intervals.


The result might be normal or abnormal.

A normal result will have a healthy-looking sperm with great size and shape in addition to good motility and pH.

An abnormal result might indicate infertility, infections and diseases. It might lead to further testing for specific diagnosis.