Causes and Treatment For Semen Hyperviscosity

arun-kumarArun Kumar | 16 Feb 2022
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Coagulation and high viscosity are terms that align themselves towards the positive side of the spectrum. But semen hyper-viscosity is very problematic as it can even cause infertility in men.

Patients with an enormous viscosity of semen have decreased fertility as spermatozoa get trapped to form a coagulated fluid.

Semen contains the required protein substance to fertilize the egg and enable embryo formation. Hyper-viscous semen makes it a tough environment for the sperm and restricts its movement. This reduction in the motility of the sperm makes it hard for it to fertilize the ovum.

Sperm viscosity affects sperm fusion in many ways

This is offered as the last resort for couples with low ovarian reserve and also low sperm count, multiple failures and genetic problems that cannot be diagnosed. The oocyte and sperm are both taken from anonymous donors.

It reduces the chance of sperm motility reaching the oocytes.

It paves the way to a reduced sperm count.

It prevents the entry of the sperm into the cervical mucous membrane and affects the chromatin stability in sperms.

It decreases the rate of fertilization, conception, and fetal development.

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Genital Tract and prostate infection.

Absence of seminal vesicles.

Environmental factors.



With medical advancements, several approaches have been made possible to treat hyper-viscous semen in clinical and other non-invasive practices. Some of them include the use of

Mucolytic enzymes

Hypodermic needles, antibiotics

Anti-inflammatory agents

Awareness remains the greatest of all the problems that hinder the treatments and improve fertility rates. A4 offers treatment with counselling to improve the physical and mental well-being of infertile males who have lost their happiness.