Penis go under the knife

arun-kumarArun Kumar | 12 Apr 2022
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Should you remove the foreskin on religious grounds? I’m not going to defend or attack your religion because that is not the point here. But yes, you should consider circumcision, if you suffer from Phimosis.

Phimosis : is a condition that arises when the foreskin cannot be pulled back over the glans (conical area) to expose the urine hole. It can of be two forms: Physiologic and Pathologic.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

Physiologic phimosis : mostly occurs up to 6 years of age and over time the foreskin detaches itself.

Pathologic phimosis : is caused due to infections such as posthitis, balanitis and so on. This condition requires meticulous treatments.

Phimosis can be treated by steroid ointments (mild cases) or circumcision (serious conditions).

“That of Circumcision is a hard appointment” – Kikuyu Proverbs.

Circumcision : is the procedure of removal of excess foreskin using diathermy, laser and stapler. This procedure is undertaken in dire cases when the ointments does not work and recurrent urinary infection occurs.

What comes off Circumcision?

Good personal hygiene

Avoidance of urinary infections

Protects against Penile cancer (if circumcision is done in childhood)

Is Circumcision painful?

It is a painless procedure as it will done under Local Anaesthesia or General Anaethsia. The procedure will also be followed up with pain medications.

Circumcision is a 12-hour affair. You can go home on the same day of the procedure.


Absorbable stitches are used during the procedure; thus, you will be able to resume work from the very same day.


Erections should be avoided for 3-4 weeks. (Don’t know how men who will be men can achieve this feat. Good luck!)

No pain, no gain – Mild swelling and pain during healing is expected for up to 2 weeks.