Stricture Urethra and Claustrophobia in your urethra

#Aruna Ashok | 25 June 2022

Urethra is the passage way for urine arriving from the bladder to exit the body and of course, ejaculation. A Stricture means narrowing of a hollow tube and Stricture Urethra is a condition where injury, swelling and blocks will narrow the urethra and as a result one will have a weak stream of urine. Men are more prone to this condition than women and children due to the length of the urethra in men.


Injury – Fall on the scrotum or perineum (Ouch!)

Infection – like sexually transmitted diseases

Surgery – Prostate surgery and kidney stone removal

Anything that causes swelling

There are two different types of strictures based on the location of the stricture:

Posterior Urethral Stricture When the stricture occurs in the initial few inches (1” to 2”) of the penis. This is caused due to pelvic fracture.

Anterior Urethral Stricture When the stricture occurs in the 9” to 10” of the penis. It is caused by straddle injury, catheterization and other injuries in penis.

Symptoms Come to A4 Hospitals for a consultation if you experience any of the below mentioned signs:

Blood in urine

Blood in semen

Thin urine stream

Pain while urinating

Urinary Tract Infections

Swelling of the penis

Urinary incontinence

Stricture Urethra and your sex life: As mentioned above urethra is responsible for ejaculation during sexual intercourse as well. Thus, stricture affects ejaculation and the fertility eventually. It reduces the force and volume of the ejaculation in addition to putting a hold on the pleasure.

Treatments depend on the:

age of the patient,

cause of stricture and

length of narrowing of tube.

Based on the diagnosis simple cases of stricture can be tended with endoscopy and dilatation/laser incision of strictures (VIU) and complex cases need Urethral reconstruction using Buccal/skin grafts.

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