The Benefits of Booking a Video Consultation with The A4 Room

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 20 Oct 2022
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A4 Fertility Centre has organized a campaign to address patients’ issues over video – a video consultation. Fertility experts from A4 are set to see patients via video conference to extend the services of fertility consultation beyond the building of the hospital. A4 is conquering all the reasons that might be in the way of getting treatment.

Steps to book a video consultation

Click ‘book an appointment’ from the link below.

Fill your details, submit your form and make the payment

Confirm your consultation mode with the tele calling team

Know you time slot and begin your treatment

Book now for just Rs. 300/-

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

What are the advantages of consulting via #theA4room?

No waiting time You know when your doctor would be available and thus, avoid waiting for her to be available. No waiting time or waiting halls. Save your time and anxiety of waiting before meeting the doctor. Confirm your exact time slot and meet the doctor directly.

Comfort of your house Fertility consultation is stressful enough and the comfort of your house could be soothing and calming. You can be free with your issues and get appropriate advice from our expert doctors.

No location barrier You don’t have to travel. This initiative is particularly for people who are far away and cannot travel that distance to reach A4 for our opinions and treatments. We are revolutionizing the consultation method in every sector with the patients in mind.

A4 Fertility Centre has the best doctors and infrastructure for diagnosis and treatments. We keep up with the advancement of the technology that would improve the process of fertility treatments. Our patient care and satisfaction is on point and we are thriving to be perfect.

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