What can you do in 45 minutes?

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 28 Oct 2022
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You can do a 45-minute workout session. You can read few pages of a book. You can shop. You can have dinner with someone. You can journal. You can watch an episode of your favourite series. You can schedule that important call. You can complete a blog. You can do a lot in 45 minutes. Is one of them waiting to see your doctor? Not anymore.

Let us get into this new campaign that A4 Fertility Centre has initiated.

You can consult the doctor without waiting time and complete the consultation process within 45 minutes!


Opt for 45 minutes with an appointment

Emergency cases have different proceedings

Emergency cases will take precedence if and when they arrive

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

What happens in these 45 minutes?

The vitals will be obtained from the new patients on arrival and meet the DMO who will provide the needed support the patients. Once initial registration is done, patient’s history will be obtained.

Then the patient will meet the assistant consultant and then meet the consultant. Scans are done during this phase. To know more about the procedure, watch this video:

Book an appointment at A4 fertility Centre and consult without waiting time.