Breast feeding the new born

Dr. Aruna Ashok

Breast hygiene
Regular bath in warm water
Use antiseptic solution or bar
Cleansing of breast
Cracked or sore nipple?
Always stay hydrated
Treat with ointments
Plant based butter
Things to remember on breastfeeding
Wear comfortable clothes
Cotton cloths in summer
Sweaters in winter
Mother care
Loose fitted clothes help in breastfeeding and soothing
Did you know?
Only source of nutrient for your new born is your breast milk.
Breast care
Care your breast since pregnancy
Stay hydrated to avoid soreness
Breast care
Express your breast milk by gentle massage
Avoid hard massage on breast
Milk lump pains on breast can be avoided by feeding your baby on optimum time interval.
Causes of dehydration
Cracked nipple
Breast care
Chemical based ointments over nipple or breast affects the health of your new born
Do’s for proper breast care
Keep your breast clean and hygienic
Express milk using your hands
Wear the right bra
Use butter
Don’ts for proper breast care
Having stained clothes
Heavy worked clothes
Washing breast often
Post pregnancy
Requires lots of care and support
Accept messy things
Don’t expect perfection
Post pregnancy effects
Unwanted anger
Mood swings
Post pregnancy tips
Positive environment
Practice yoga
Music and movies
Seek help when needed

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