We have one of the Best Dermatologist in Chennai . They take care of the skin problems with utmost delicate care. The confidence of the person improves with the look that he or she has, it is very much true. We take of your appearance and also the other skin related problems. They are doctors who takes care of skin problems in addition to fingernails or toenails, including yeast bacterial infections, acne breakouts (pimples), birth-marks, birthmark and skin cancers, eczema (itching, scaling skin), genital warts, in addition to psoriasis (red pads of pores and skin covered together with bright scales).

There are several best dermatologists in Chennai for skin to take care of various types skin disorders and cosmetic issues, but we offer the best with respect to individualized care. Each skin is of different type and sensitivity, so a common medication cannot be used for same problem in two different patients.

Our doctors know the intersection between cosmetics and dermatological care. we promote skin remedies for long term are by internal & external medications, along with dietary & lifestyle modifications. This helps with long term cure without side effects, rather than short term remedies.

Our doctors are having expertise in treating various skin problems with latest and best methods possible. We have good number of patients with ultimate satisfaction with respect to cosmetic treatments. In today’s world, fresh look is needed for all ages, this is guaranteed to all. We have good cure for acne , scars, patches and for weight reduction.

Services provided by Dermatologist

We offer cure for the following variety of problems

Scar treatment :

Scars are formed by acne, wound, burns or other injuries. Need not worry that you have to stay with it for life, you can get back your original skin.

Tattoo treatment:

Sometimes tattoo have to be removed due to various reasons, we can offer to remove with painless techniques

Hence we offer best quality care:

Laser resurfacing which is one of the latest method is also done in our clinic.

Botox Treatments:

There are beautiful remedies for these wrinkles, crow feet in various facial regions, which gives young look and removes aging effects.

Stretch marks cure :

Here is fantastic remedy for stretch marks due to various reasons like child birth, weight loss regimens.

Melasma cure:

This is a common problem which gives a very bad look. We offer ideal relief methods. Patients gain there lost charm very soon.

Skin Rejuvenation:

This is needed for many to get rid of freckles, acne scars, marks etc. This gives a fresh new look to women.