Dr. Subha Subramanian

M.B.B.S, M.D., D.M. Consultant Neurologist



Dr. Subha Subramanian has completed neurology from Institute of Neurology, Madras Medical College, one of the premier and prestigious institutes in the country catering to a large volume of population from all over India.

Trained in effective management of OP and IP patients including experiences in neuro-emergencies, neuro-diagnostics and specialty clinics in neurology like headache clinic, epilepsy clinic, stroke clinic, dementia clinic, movement disorders, nerve and muscle clinic, demyelinating disorder clinic.

Educational Qualifications

MBBS 1998, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre

M.D. General Medicine 2011, Sree Balaji Medical College

DM (Neurology) 2015, Madras Medical College

Clinical Expertise


Cognitive neurology

Movement disorders

Research & Publication

Dr.N.N. Anand, Dr.V.Padma, Dr.Shubha Subramanian, Dr.Halleys. AN INTERESTING CASE OF DENGUE FEVER- In JAMS Vol 2, Issue 3, Jan-Mar 2013, Pages – 47,48, 51.

Dr.Shubha Subramanian, Dr.N.N.Anand. RARE CASE OF NEUROTROPIC PREDILECTION OF CHLOROMA, Int J Pharma and Biosciences 2013 Oct; Vol 4, issue 4, Pages 445-448.

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Shubha Subramanian,BalasubramanianS,Shanmuga Sundaram N,Lakshmi Narasimhan R CLINICAL AND RADIOLOGICAL PROFILE OF INTERNAL CAROTID ARTERY STENOSIS IN SMOKERS WITH ANTERIOR CIRCULATION STROKE-Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical university website-published as e-journal.


Poster presentation in IANCON 2016-Foot Drop-Common presentation with rare cause

Platform presentation in TANCON 2017-Cognitive Dysfunction in vertigo patients

Poster presentation in IANCON 2017-Clinical and etiological profile of post stroke seizures.

Poster presentation in WCNR 2018-Burden of post stroke seizures in a tertiary care centre.

Platform presentation in Neuro update 2018-Complicated Stroke

Platform presentation in SHINE 2018-Niemann Pick Disease

Participant in TYSA at regional level in the year 2017.


Member in Indian Academy of Neurology.

Member in IMA

Member in Indian stroke association