Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore your Kidney Health

Dr. Arun Kumar

Fun fact about Kidney:
Every day, the average human kidney filters about 130 litres of blood to produce 0.94 to 1.7 litres of urine every day. It is mind-blowing how a computer mouse-sized organ does this amazing process to keep our blood pressure level stable.
Kidneys play one of the most vital roles inside the Human body. It separates the waste and filters the bloodstream and expels them from the body as urine. Also, it helps to maintain the salt and water balance of our bodies. It produces
  • Vitamin D
  • Red Blood cells
  • Hormones that regulate blood pressure.
World Kidney Day
On March 10, we are celebrating World Kidney Day to provide knowledge about Kidney problems and their treatments to the people in the World. It focuses on the diseases and how to get our bean-shaped organs’ health to level up. The day also creates awareness about chronic diseases, stone formation and more.
Kidney Health for all
It’s a theme for 2022, set to focus and stress on the diseases concerning kidneys and the measures to keep them healthy. It also stimulates the awareness around kidney care and chronic kidney disease.
Kidney Diseases:
Severe damage to the kidneys that filtering the blood becomes incompetent. The process takes time which is where the awareness comes into play. Early detection of the deterioration of the kidney paves way for early treatment and a chance to save the kidneys. Chronic kidney diseases usually lead to Kidney failure.
List of Kidney Diseases:
Chronic Kidney Disease
Kidney Stones
Polycystic Kidney disease
Urinary Tract infections
Kidney Transplants and dialysis are the ultimate treatment for renal failure. The day is to make that it doesn’t come to that but if it does treatments are available in A4 of course.

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