These are minimally invasive surgical procedures or keyhole surgeries which is done through small holes on the tummy. It is different from “open” surgery where the incision on the skin can be several inches long. It is advised only if we feel it’s needed and not done as routine before fertility treatment procedures.

What do we do in laparoscopy?

A slender torch like instrument is passed through the incision and abdomen is seen on A TV.

What do we do in a hysteroscopy?

A slender torch like instrument is passed through the cervix and inside of the uterus is seen on A TV.

Laparoscopy need to be done for Assessing Tubal patency, sometimes it is used to to remove Cyst of Ovary, Endometriotic cyst of ovary , fibroids of uterus, for Ectopic pregnancy, for drilling in Severe PCOS . It is an Endoscopic procedure by which inside of abdomen is seen with a small incision usually above or below Umbilicus, additional one or two holes of 5mm to maximum 10mm are made on sides to operate. Usually most of the procedures are done as day care procedures with sutures that dissolve on itself.

Hysteroscopy need to be done for Uterine Septum , Polyp, Small Fibroids inside uterus, Adhesions , Low menstrual blood flow, Unexplained Infertility. It is an Endoscopic procedure by which the inside of uterus is seen with a video camera and with special instruments the problems are also corrected. We have state of art operation theatre for advanced laparoscopy with laminar air flow with positive pressure system, pendants for laparoscopy monitors and work stations, advanced Datex- Omeda anesthesia workstation, Stryker laparoscopy and hysteroscopy units, electronic control panel with monitoring air quality and pressure, very spacious OT complex with NABH standards, separate CSSD area

What are the benefits of laparoscopy?

There is less pain ,faster recovery than from open abdominal surgery. The smaller incisions that are used allow you to heal faster and have smaller scars. The risk of infection also is lower than with open surgery.

All gynecologic and fertility related surgeries can be done in this modular OT. All the latest equipment’s are available to ease the surgery. We ensure best quality of services for your safety and comfort at all times.