Pediatrics Specialty Department

Who should see:

Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children and adolescents. A4 pediatric department is dedicated to providing the best pediatric care form birth to adult hood by building long term relationships with patient and their families while staying current with medical advancements. Apart from well experienced pediatricians we have pediatric experienced nurses and lactation nurses to provide further services. The pediatric services we provide are as follows:

Newborn Care:

Care for the baby at birth is very special as it helps us identify and treat urgent medical conditions immediately. A full detailed examination is done for the baby, to ensure the baby does not have any medical issues. Being a first time mum the experience can be difficult in managing and taking care of the baby. In A4, we provide full care and advice on issues a new parent can have. We also manage stable preterm babies.

Breastfeeding counseling:

Breast feeding gives children the best start in life. However, it might sometime take some time for the mother to learn appropriate breastfeeding technique and this can be very tiresome and frustrating. A proper counseling and regular training of new mum is required which will be provided. We have lactation nurses who regularly address nursing issues.

We address the following breastfeeding issues:

  • Difficulty in latching in breastfeeding

  • Breast feeding more than one infant

  • Breast feeding of preterm infant

  • Prevention and management of sore and engorged nipple

  • Maintaining mother’s milk and breastfeeding when mother and baby are separated

  • Promotion of ample milk production

On follow up visits, we give importance to breast feeding assessment.

Vaccination Clinic:

The vaccine schedule is designed to ensure children receive vaccines at optimal time to protect them from infectious diseases. In A4 pediatric department, we regularly update ourselves with the new vaccine recommendations and advice and administer vaccines according to schedule. We also keep a record and inform patients when their child is due for the next vaccine. We also provide the necessary vaccines for children travelling abroad.


Children are different from adults in that they cannot always tell the symptoms they have from an illness. In A4, from minor colds to serious illness, pediatricians are well experienced in recognizing and treating a variety of pediatric diseases.

Growth and nutrition:

Adequate nutrition is one the important factor which influences growth and immunity. A balanced diet is needed for effective growth and development of a child. During vaccination visits we give importance in measuring the growth parameters and see if they are appropriate for age.


Slow weight gain can be due to a variety of reasons:

  • Strong dislike of food from a past negative experience

  • Medical conditions that make it hard for a child to tolerate certain foods

  • Behavioral difficulties which affects with child’s eating

  • Multiple medical issues


In children with slow weight gain over a period of time we address the issues in detail. We provide counseling according to each child nutritional needs and develop the most appropriate plan of nutritional support with regular monitoring for optimal outcome.

Development Assessment:

It is important as a pediatrician to regularly asses the development of a child as some developmental challenges may not be visible immediately. In A4, we regularly asses the development of a child during vaccination visits. We have a follow up clinic to evaluate and support the development of normal and preterm infants. Our goal is to identify developmental delays early and to connect families with appropriate interventions to prevent long term developmental problems. We also assess learning disabilities and provide the appropriate care needed.