3 Basic things are potentially capable of protecting us

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 16 Jul 2022
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The only known way of preventing the virus is distancing ourselves from others. The 3 basic things, which are potentially capable of protecting us are – Social Distance, Mental Health and Proper Diet. These are not to be taken lightly because the struggle is real.

Social Distancing

The second wave of Covid is not to be taken lightly. We have to start doing what we should have started doing a long while ago – Yes, Maintaining Social Distance. Avoid crowded areas at all cost and even if you have to, stay at least 6 feet apart from the closest person near you.

It’s not only good manners, but a life saving one. Considering all the dreadful things happening in the world, not wearing mask is nothing less than a felony. We put other valuable lives at risk including ours. Trust us, Covid is not a battle you’d like to fight.

Stay alert and Stay abode. The Virus doesn’t differentiate between people. So, we shouldn’t either. Maintaining Covid Etiquette with people we love, seems undoable and unnecessary, while in fact, it is not. In critical times as these, hand washing regularly, wearing masks and staying away from our closed ones is nothing but a show of love.

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Mental Health

Even a slightest physical pain is enough to cause mental stress. If this pandemic feels too much for you to handle, it’s quite normal. You have to stay strong at such a time as this because we need you and so does your family. Stay strong.

Courage is contagious. The degree of fear, worry and concern caused by Covid is something beyond what people could cope with. The psychological impact elevates stress and causes anxiety. When the burden is too much to bear, sometimes, the strongest thing to do is to seek help.


Eat a combination of healthy food and avoid everything that is unhygienic. Follow a nutritious diet plan, prioritize freshly prepared food and if there will ever be a moment to take advantage of home-cooked food, it is now.

A healthy body is a natural shied. At such a time as this, it falls on us to protect it to our best. Maintain a nutritious diet regularly and the best way to do that is to prefer home-made food. Taste is important but not always, and who said home-made food is not tasty.