Success Story( IUI )

Some couples will succeed with IUI alone

The couple in question had already tried a few IUI procedures in Kancheepuram. She arrived at the age of 29. We gave our husband, who had 6–8 million counts after five years of marriage, medicine and frozen two samples of semen before IVF. Process the two frozen and fresh samples on the day of the IUI. She received the pooled processed semen sample. She became pregnant on our first cycle together. She later suggested her sister for the same problems. They also used IUI to get pregnant. IUI has a lower cost and higher success rate than other procedures.

Success Story( ERA, Hysteroscopy PRP )

Technology and innovation enable us to increase success rates using ERA, hysteroscopy, and PRP.

Mrs. Mala (changed name) was thirty years old. She received 4 IUI cycles elsewhere. She came to us with high hopes of becoming pregnant, so we carefully performed two additional IUI cycles, but that also ended in failure. We chose to perform ICSI and created 8 embryos. We had high hopes for the first fresh embryo transfer, however it ended in failure. We tried a second frozen embryo transfer because it had a higher success rate, but that again failed. Her thin endometrium was the only issue found. Patient was really distressed but agreed to a hysteroscopy and ERA after receiving emotional support and rational explanation. We carried out an unexpected third embryo transfer that was also unsuccessful with their assurance and good vibes. Finally, we performed the first instance in the area using activated platelet rich plasma (PRP), noting that it was based on research trials. She developed healthy endometrium. She had a healthy boy child with the fourth and last round of embryos. He is currently 3 1/2 years old (As on 2019 December)

Success Story( Diagnosing Infection and Treating )

Success is achieved for patients with tubal block when the infection is identified and treated!

This patient, who previously had a kid who was 5 years old, returned for a second pregnancy after receiving therapy elsewhere for 6 to 8 months. Bilateral distal tubal block was detected during the HSG/Tubal patency test. She was related to one of my fellow surgeons. After doing a hysterolaparoscopy jointly, we discovered that both tubes were clogged by pus that had amassed in the tubes (Hydrosalpinx). So, after obtaining approval, we removed both tubes because they were completely destroyed and sent them for testing. The presence of tuberculosis was discovered. She was concerned when she learned, but after receiving good guidance and knowledge about the infection, she readily accepted the therapy. She received prescription drugs for nine months. She was Kancheepuram-born. She returned, received total healing, and returned after a year for IVF/test tube treatment. We did, and she is currently 7 months pregnant. According to December 2019

Success Story( ICSI Cycle )

Great belief and trust after our second ICSI cycle together!

After two years of marriage, a highly understanding and cooperative couple requested a fertility evaluation. Age-wise, the female spouse was 28. She had six natural cycles in a year, and timed sexual activity was unsuccessful. After a diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy and 3 cycle IUI, there were again 2 cycle IUI in almost 2 years. Our decision to proceed with IVF/ICSI was advised, but unexpectedly, we discovered that her oocytes were far lower in quantity and quality than we had anticipated. She turned negative at this time and became much more difficult to reach after the Chennai floods. Later, we studied the FSH and LH receptors, and the results revealed receptor mutations. Then, a second cycle of ICSI was performed using different, higher grade, purer dosages of injections. She performed a miracle in that she produced 8 grade A and B blastocysts with very good quality and quantity of oocytes. We were confident that it would work. After transferring two embryos, she gave birth to a single child after an arduous three-year journey. But at this time, we never pushed her; she was allowed to move at her own pace. Her husband unexpectedly developed a brain vascular leak, which required interim surgery. The couple overcame all of their difficulties and returned for the second cycle, which gave their life new light. She gave birth to a brilliant boy who is now 3 years old, full of mischief and healthy. According to December 2019

Success Story( PGT-A For Genetic Problems )

For Genetic Issues and Repeated Miscarriages, PGT-A

They were a young Madurai couple who had experienced two miscarriages before. She was diagnosed with a chromosomal condition called a "Robertsonian translocation" when she was investigated for potential explanations of her recurring miscarriages. She therefore visited our office for PGT-A (pre-genetic testing for aneuploidy). We used ICSI to create 8 embryos. Three embryos were found to be normal after PGT-A. She was devastated when the single embryo transfer we tried first ended in failure. We gave her a three to four month break before transferring the two remaining healthy embryos. She delivered twin girls who were both alive and healthy, and she returned to her hometown feeling completely satisfied.