After ICSI, the embryos formed are biopsied and sent for analysis depending on the problems. The genetic analysis of embryos are done by methods like PGT – A, PGT- SR or PGT – M depending on the genetic issues.

Screening of embryos for chromosomal abnormalities before embryo transfer

Done by NGS method [ all 46 chromosomes]

Indications for PGT- A

Advanced maternal age (≥35 yrs)

Implantation failure (≥ 3 ET attempts)

Recurrent miscarriage (≥ 2 miscarriages)

Severe male factor

By patients’ choice

Embryo Biopsy can be done on Cleavage stage or on Blastocyst stage Biopsy Cost will depends on number of embryos and day of biopsy. Helps many with recurrent failure to get pregnant and deliver healthy child. We believe in evidence based treatments, so the option of PGS is given to couple who may benefit with this. Talk to our experts to arrive at an informed decision for further treatments.