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ERA: Personalizing Fertility Timing with Precision

What is ERA?

Study a group of 238 genes to diagnose the receptivity status of the endometrium in the implantation period.

Who needs ERA?

Helps in modifying day of embryo transfer to improve success rate. This is done if two / three transfers of good quality embryos have not resulted in pregnancy. This tells us whether the uterus / womb has the normal receptivity / should we modify the day of transfer.

How is it done?

Procedure : The female partner is prepared like for a frozen embryo transfer and instead of transfer the endometrial biopsy/ sample is taken. It is done in out-patient, usually anesthesia is not needed.

Time taken for reporting : Takes 20 working days to get report. Helps many with recurrent failure to get pregnant and deliver healthy child. We believe in evidence based treatments, so the option of ERA is given to women who may benefit with this. Talk to our experts to arrive at an informed decision for further treatments.

Welcome to A4 Fertility Centre, where the latest techniques are used to optimize your fertility journey at our clinic. Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) is a groundbreaking procedure that epitomizes our commitment to precision and personalized care, ensuring that the timing of embryo transfer aligns perfectly with your body's receptivity.

Unveiling ERA

ERA, or Endometrial Receptivity Analysis, is a diagnostic test designed to pinpoint the optimal window of implantation for embryo transfer during an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. By analyzing the receptivity of the endometrial lining, ERA ensures that the embryo is placed in the womb at the exact moment when it has the highest chance of successful implantation.

The Precision Factor

At A4 Fertility Centre, precision is a cornerstone of our approach. With ERA, we eliminate the guesswork associated with embryo transfer timing. By customizing the timing based on your unique endometrial receptivity, we enhance the likelihood of successful implantation and, ultimately, a successful pregnancy.

Personalized Care

No two fertility journeys are alike. ERA allows us to tailor your treatment to your individual needs. By identifying your ideal window of implantation, we ensure that every aspect of your IVF cycle is aligned to maximize your chances of conception and parenthood.

Empowering Your Journey

ERA empowers you with knowledge and control over your fertility journey. By pinpointing the precise timing for embryo transfer, we enhance the probability of successful implantation and reduce the potential for implantation failure, providing you with the confidence you deserve.

Innovative Possibilities

At A4 Fertility Centre, ERA exemplifies our commitment to innovative solutions that elevate your fertility experience. With precision-driven diagnostics and a personalized approach, we offer you a pathway toward parenthood that is as unique as you are.

ERA is more than a diagnostic test; it's a testament to our dedication to personalized, precision-driven care. With ERA, we empower you to take control of your fertility journey, aligning the timing of embryo transfer with your body's receptivity. At A4 Fertility Centre, we stand by your side, utilizing the latest advancements to maximize your chances of successful implantation and fulfilling your dreams of becoming a parent.

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