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Getting a Second Opinion from the Best Fertility Doctors in Chennai

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Get the Best Fertility Doctor Second Opinion in Chennai

Get a Professional Online Second Opinion From a Fertility Doctor

4.5 / 5 167 Google reviews

Direct Consultation Phone Online Consultation

RI Witnessing

Are you looking for a trusted fertility centre in chennai? Our RI-Witnessing Confidential IVF Lab is ready to assist you in reproductive journey. Start your journey with us today!

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Need help to identify any fertility issues? Try our revolutionary Lenshooke AI sperm analysis at A4 Fertility Centre. Get an accurate & fast appraisal of your fertility status today!

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Micro Tese

Struggling with infertility? Microtese from the A4 Fertility Centre provides a possible solution. Learn more about this azoospermia treatment and how it can help your cause.

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The Issues That You Should Get Second Opinion For


Miscarriages / Abortion


Multiple Embryo Transfer


Multiple IVF Failures


Zero Sperm Count


Family Consults per month


New Pregnancies per month


% IVF Success Rate


% Normal Deliveries

About A4 Fertility Centre

Second Opinion

A4 fertility Centre is organising a campaign, ‘Second Opinion’ for infertility issues. It is to address the importance of second opinion in a diagnosis. One doctor might say that there’s no hope for you but that is no reason to slump. Approach A4 for a free second opinion consultation to crosscheck the earlier diagnosis. To be sure.

It is possible that A4 would find ways that the others might have overlooked, given their technological advancements, expert doctors and stat-of-the-art laboratories.

They are equipped with 3D Ultrasound, Embryology lab, Andrology lab, IVF lab, LASER, Oocyte Retrieval Theatre and ICSI manipulator. The doctors are experienced in advanced procedures like PGT, Genetic test, Sperm VD, PICSI, Stem cells and Micro TESE.

The best thing about A4 is that they listen to your story and counsel you about the problems and ways to overcome them. You would be educated and given the options to choose your way to go forward.


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