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What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

Both procedures are similar for patients with respect to visits and injections. The main difference is the fertilisation / egg & sperm meeting method.

In IVF, the eggs taken from female partner is kept in separate dishes with particular number of sperms. The sperm has to pierce the egg shell by itself and should fertilize the eggs.

When is IVF can be advised, instead of ICSI?

It is done only if male factor / semen report is normal. What is the advantage of IVF? Natural selection of sperms. No need of ICSI procedure

What is the risk / drawbacks of IVF?

Cannot be used for low sperm counts/ motility/ morphology.

Cannot be used for thick egg shells.

The risks of fertilisation failure are high in some cases, though the egg shell is not thick and sperm is good.

What are the steps for IVF?

The steps for IVF and ICSI are same, so kindly refer the ICSI procedure instructions.