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Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet : Nurturing Dreams of Parenthood

The A4 Fertility Centre is located in Old Washermanpet, in the heart of the city. It is a place of hope and healing. When you walk into our center, you are not just entering a medical facility. You are joining a community that is dedicated to making dreams come true. We use cutting-edge technology and provide compassionate care. We listen to every story, ease every fear, and nurture every aspiration.

We know how important your journey to conceive a child is. That's why we're here at the A4 Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet. We know that it brings a mix of emotions, from excitement to worry. We are here to support you every step of the way. Our team is experienced, our treatments are innovative, and we provide personalized support. We are committed to your well-being.

Our goal is to create an environment where hope turns into reality. Your journey to becoming a parent starts here. We combine expertise with empathy. Every step forward is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Welcome to a place where miracles happen. Your journey towards a complete family begins with one hopeful step.

About A4 Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet

The A4 Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet is a top center for reproductive medicine. We are located in the city center and offer hope to those facing fertility challenges. Our team of experts, advanced technology, and personalized approach are dedicated to helping you become a parent. At our Old Washermanpet branch, we not only provide medical treatments but also create a caring environment.

We respect and understand each person's unique journey and offer personalized care, including emotional support. You will receive excellent medical care and support for your emotional health. Your trust is important to us as we help you on your path to parenthood. We strive to honor that trust in every treatment, consultation, and interaction. Come to A4 Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet. Dreams come true and families begin here.

Why Choose A4 Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet?

Innovative Treatment Approaches

Our Old Washermanpet branch uses innovative treatment methods in reproductive medicine. We explore the latest advancements in this field. We pride ourselves on offering progressive and unconventional approaches. Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of treatments that are tailored to your specific needs.

Research-Backed Solutions

A4 Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet believes in extensive research. We actively take part in clinical studies and work with top researchers. This helps our patients benefit from proven practices. Choose us to be at the forefront of fertility research and advancements.

Community Engagement

We foster a sense of community among our patients. Regular events, workshops, and forums connect you with others on similar journeys. When you talk about your experiences and connect with people who understand what you're going through, you build a network of support. This network reminds you that you are not alone in your journey to become a parent. When you choose A4 Fertility Centre in Old Washermanpet, you join a compassionate community.

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Our Comprehensive Fertility Services in Old Washermanpet

Explore the range of fertility services available at our Old Washermanpet branch :

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Description : IVF is a highly effective assisted reproductive technology. IVF is a process where an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. The resulting embryo is then transferred into the uterus. IVF can assist with various fertility problems, such as difficulties with the fallopian tubes or the male reproductive system. It can also be used for cases of unexplained infertility.

Why Choose IVF at A4 Fertility Centre?

Expertise : Our experienced team of fertility specialists has a proven track record of success in IVF treatments.

Advanced Techniques : We use the most up-to-date IVF methods. These methods include intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). They increase your chances of getting pregnant successfully.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Description : IUI is a fertility treatment that is less invasive. It involves placing washed sperm directly into the uterus during the woman's fertile window. Doctors may suggest IUI for couples with mild male factor infertility or unexplained infertility. IUI is also suggested for single women who are using donor sperm.

Why Choose IUI at A4 Fertility Centre?

Precise Timing: Our team monitors your cycle carefully. This helps us time the IUI procedure precisely. It also increases the chances of fertilization.

Caring Support: Our team understands the emotional aspects of fertility treatment. We provide compassionate support during the IUI process.

Egg Freezing

Description : Egg freezing preserves fertility by freezing eggs for future use. This option is ideal for women who want to delay childbearing due to personal or medical reasons.

Why Choose Egg Freezing at A4 Fertility Centre?

Fertility Preservation Experts : Our center specializes in preserving fertility. We make sure you get the best care and guidance when you freeze your eggs.

Cutting-Edge Cryopreservation : We utilize advanced freezing techniques to protect the viability of your eggs for future use.

Fertility Preservation

Description : If you are going through medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation that might affect your ability to have children, it is important to consider preserving your fertility. We can help by offering options such as freezing your eggs or embryos before you start these treatments.

Why Choose Fertility Preservation at A4 Fertility Centre?

Urgent Care : We understand the urgency of preserving fertility before critical treatments, and our team is equipped to expedite the process.

Comprehensive Support : Our fertility preservation programs are designed to provide emotional support and comprehensive care during a challenging time.

Diagnostic Services

Description : We provide various tests to find out what is causing fertility problems. These tests include checking hormone levels, analyzing semen, and using ultrasound.

Why Choose Diagnostic Services at A4 Fertility Centre?

Accurate Diagnosis : To effectively treat fertility issues, the first step is an accurate diagnosis. Our diagnostic services are designed to give you precise information about your fertility health.

Streamlined Treatment Planning : We use test results to make treatment plans for you. The plans are made just for you.

7. Psychological Support

Description : We recognize the emotional challenges that often accompany fertility treatments. We provide emotional support to help you with your journey.

Why Choose Psychological Support at A4 Fertility Centre?

Our counselors care and understand the emotions that come with fertility treatments. They create a safe space for you to share your feelings and concerns without judgment. This helps foster empathy and understanding.

Tailored Coping Strategies : Our counselors create coping strategies just for you. They make sure to give you personalized support that matches your emotional challenges. This tailored approach enhances the effectiveness of the emotional support provided.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques : We teach techniques that science has proven to reduce anxiety. These techniques also improve emotional well-being. These techniques help you manage stress and stay positive while trying to conceive.

Partner Support Sessions : Fertility challenges often impact both partners. We offer dedicated sessions aimed at enhancing communication and mutual understanding between partners. These sessions help partners openly discuss their feelings and strengthen their relationship. The environment is supportive.

Cultivating Positivity : Our counselors help you develop a positive mindset. They support you in finding resilience when faced with challenges. Cultivating positivity empowers you to face adversity with grace and determination. This improves your emotional well-being.

Holistic Wellness Workshops : We offer individual counseling. We also organize wellness workshops. These workshops cover different aspects of well-being, like nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. They help with emotional and physical wellness for your fertility journey and beyond.

People Also Ask For

  • 1. How much ivf treatment cost in india ?

    The cost of fertility treatment in Chennai can vary depending on the type of treatment and the clinic you choose. On average, the cost of IVF treatment in Chennai can range from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1,20,000. Other treatments such as IUI and surrogacy can also range in cost. It is best to consult with a fertility clinic directly for specific pricing information.

  • 2. Is ivf legal in india?

    The pregnancy rate after IUI for the first time is 15 %, increases to 25 % after 3 cycles. The success rate drops after 5th cycle. So we generally recommend 4 cycles in our centres.

  • 3. Is ivf treatment covered by insurance in india?

    1. After trying natural intercourse for 1 year and not conceived

    2. When sperm count is less than 15 million

    3. When motility is 15 to 30%

    4. When there is erectile or ejaculation problem or sexual problems

    5. When wife requires gonadotropin injections to increase or induce egg/follicle growth (PCOS)

  • 4. Why infertility is increasing in india?

    No, the injections are given by syringes like insulin syringes/needles, they are very minimally invasive and very comfortable, with highest quality.

  • 5. How many ivf treatments to get pregnant?

    The duration of stimulation of eggs is usually 10 days, 12th day the egg collection happens. If the embryo transfer happens in the same cycle, then it happens 3 to 5 days post egg collection. After Embryo transfer 14 days later pregnancy blood test is done. So if fresh Embryo Transfer ( ET ) happens, the duration is 4 weeks. If the patient is not ready or fit for a fresh embryo transfer (ET), then Frozen Embryo Transfer happens after 30 to 45 days. In Frozen embryo transfer, there is no injections and only oral medications are given. Pregnancy tests is done as usual 14 days after FET.

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