Why do we need medications for Ovulation?

For some Females, Ovulation or Egg release doesn’t happen or is very delayed naturally, they need minimal medications for Ovulation to happen at optimum time

When couple needs to visit doctor?

The couple / wife has to visit the doctor on Day 2/3, get a baseline Pelvic Scan

Again has to visit alternate days on Day 9/10 alternate days till follicle is mature

Needs only 3 to 4 visits in one cycle

Dose the couple need to take medications?

Wife has to take minimal hormone pills for the first 5 days from day2 /3 of menses, vitamin supplements might be given in addition.

They are safe, time tested medications, can be tried for maximum 4 to 6 cycles.

What is the benefit of this method?

It helps couples with no major problems or those who or not ovulating on time.

It increases success rate to 8-10 %.

It makes sure the egg is released in correct time. So that the chance of conception is increased.