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Brief History

A4 has a decade long experience and a story to tell. Started as Ashok Diabetic Centre. We Provided Specialized Diabetes treatment at exceptionial standards. We then expanded our treatment facilitation as Metro speciality clinic with various advancements in the medical field. Our care, support and medical expertise made us evolve into A4 Fertility Hospitals providing super speciality fertility treatments across the globe.

Our Fertility expertise and medical care have made us reach variouis countries. Our experience makes us special. We never make fake promises. Our medicines are exported from Germany at the best quality. Patients from across the globe visit us fro premium fertility procedures. We have set the standards of providing state of the art technology and the most advanced medicines for our treatment.


Why A4

Our Experience, Expertise and Endurance have made us the best fertility centre in India. The success rate of our IVF treatment is 85%. The Success rate for IVF in A4 Fertility Centre is the highest in the world.

Our Medical team is knowledgeable and expereienced in delivering the best results for the patients. We have handled more than 100,000 patients with more than 83% success rate.

We have gien successful results for more than 500 patients who had impossible fertility conditions.

Our Promoise

Our Promise to international patients is that we do only ethical tests and procedures that adhere to international standards. We do even DNA sample tests to prove the authenticity of our procedures. We have monthly international audits to check our standards. We have strict protocols for our audits and presents them with the most authentic parameters. People can feel confident and not miss their process flow.

Our most vital promise is that we will get the mother pregnant in 100 days, from the day of the commencement of the treatment to the day the mother gets pregnant, despite complications in the fertility conditions of the parents. We are the best fertility service providers in Tamilnadu, India. We have the best fertility centre in Tamil nadu for women's wellness in fertility specialization. We give the highest success rate with the highest success rate with the highest volume of IVF/ICSI procedures.


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Towards The Path Of International Medical Tourism


With borders diminishing between the countries, International Medical Tourism has become a pinnacle of modern humanity.

Patients from various countries visit countries like India, China, Nigeria and much more for medical procedures.

The borders between medical procedures have diminished too. The facilitation, cost, procedure precision, hospitality and various other factors determine the need for International Medical Tourism.

A country like India has been a pioneer in diagnostics and treatment from the earliest times. India is a place for all seasons.


We Have Fertility Specialist Doctors To Solve Your Problems

India - A New Life


A country like India has been a pioneer in diagnostics and treatment from the earliest times. India is a place for all seasons.

Why Do People Prefer India For Fertility ?

A highly populous country like India is home to lots of patients, suffering from fertility issues. The doctors possess a voluminous experience in treating a humongous number of patients.

A higher experience improve the quality of procedures and the practicing doctors. Hence the success rate of various fertility procedures increases. Hence, Hospitals in India evolve into super-specialty hospitals faster than hospitals in other countries.

Chennai - The Medical Captial Of India

Chennai has always been the Indian Medical Hub of India. The world's first Ophthalmology research centre and clinic was established in Egmore, Chennai. The first government Hospital in India was started in Chennai in 1664. Chennai has been a megalith of various forms of Medical facilities. The centre of thoracic medicines was begun in 1927 in Tambaram Sanatorium.

Apart from being a centre for medical tourism in the field of allopathy. Chennai has been a powerhouse of Siddha, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

High number of patients

Highly experienced doctors

High Success Rate

A4 - Quality in Service Without Boundaries


A4 offers a diversified treatment for each and every patient. The treatment that we offer is patient-specific. Our treatments are at affordable prices without a compromise on the medicines.

We offer the procedures at International Standards with exceptional value for money. We have an exceptional academic research history.

Our research on Stem-cell therapy for embryo failure has been proven successful across the world.

We offer apt treatments for the patients to succeed in their journey of becoming happy parent. Our altruistic care towards our patients and our dedication have made usone of the top Fertility Centres in India, in fact, the world.

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