Covid-19 Male and Female Fertility

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 20 June 2022
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Of all the serious effects of Covid, the one pressing question in the minds of adolescent/adult men and women is this – What happens to my Fertility! Read ahead to know what happens. Spoiler alert, nothing major to worry about.

Covid and Male fertility

Can Covid-19 infection reduce fertility in men? Well, looks like it. Symptomatic Covid-19 may negatively affect sperm quality and mostly likely cause male infertility.

Not to worry, the decline is only temporary and its all back to normal within a period of 2-3months. As per recent researches, no long term effects have been found on the impact of Covid-19 on male fertility.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

Covid and Female fertility

Does Covid-19 infection affect female fertility? Good news. Thankfully, No. There isn’t any pressing evidence on the negative effect of Covid-19 in female fertility or Oocytes.

Advanced studies are being conducted to further understand its effect and assess its impact on women’s fertility.

I am Covid positive. When can I try to conceive?

If you are Covid positive, avoid trying to conceive immediately. A month after complete recovery is a good enough time if your infection had been mild/asymptomatic.

For severe and ICU admitted situations, 3 to 4 months would be a better time. Try not to involve in sexual activities straightaway as there are chances of post Covid fatigue.

I am trying to get pregnant. Should I stop because of the pandemic?

Yes and No, depending on whether you’re vaccinated or not. If you are not Covid positive, then there is no reason to stop you from conceiving, except for lack of proper vaccination.

Remember, the pandemic will prevail for another 4-5 years. So, delaying is not the answer. If you have taken the second dose of vaccination, then there is no medical reason to keep you from trying. Be responsible, Vaccinate and Procreate.