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aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 24 Aug 2022
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Ultrasound has changed the whole scenario around infertility. It helps in early and clear diagnosis of the abnormalities and the obstacles that is preventing conception in women.

It is least to say that 3D Ultrasound has is a much-needed advancement in infertility. It gives a clear 3D image of the uterus, fallopian tubes and Ovary making the diagnostic process easy and apt.

Diagnosis of Uterus: Although 2D Ultrasound shows abnormalities like fibroids, polyps and adenomyosis to some extent but 3D Ultrasound gives a precise picture of the anomalies.

Moreover, the endometrium layer can be seen with depth – the thickness, width, volume and the position of the structures on it. It makes treating and eventually conception very possible.

Diagnosis in Fallopian tubes: Only with 3D Ultrasound can the tubes be viewed with clear precision and accurate details.

The length, shape and the blocks in the tubes, if any can be checked via the advanced Ultrasound. The tubes can be observed from various perspective to inspect tubal patency.

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Diagnosis in Ovarian function: 3D Ultrasound helps in seeing the state of the ovary, follicles, cysts and tumour. Apart from this, the ultrasound is also used in accurate egg growth.

The position of ovary in relation with its surrounding also plays a role in fertility and that is also examined using 3D Ultrasound.

Stats in 3D Ultrasound: In a study, nearly 17 percent of women who had congenital uterine anomalies were prone to recurrent miscarriages.

According to research published in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 3D Ultrasound can diagnose these anomalies with 88 to 100 percent accuracy compare to the traditional transvaginal ultrasonography which identifies about 60 to 82 percent of them.

3D Ultrasound gives gynecologists confidence to make immediate clinical decisions and the patients don’t have to leave the office for advanced imaging when 3D technology is present.