Technique and Intensity of the Infections

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 04 Jul 2022
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Covid pregnancies might be complicated. That is why you should hit the hospital at the first symptom of any flu like illness. The symptoms should not be taken lightly. Seek help and address the issue as early as possible. Sometimes even if you’re confirmed positive, there might not be any severe symptoms. So make sure you pay attention to the intensity of the illness and not just its symptoms.

The Technique & Key symptoms

If you believe that you can escape the infection by ignoring its symptoms, you are wrong. Diagnosing early is the best option there is and it might result in a higher cure rate. The key symptoms of Covid-19 are

Cough & Cold




Fever and Headache

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

Intensity of the Infections Vs Treatment

There are differences in the intensity of Covid infection. Mild, Moderate and Severe infections need appropriate levels of treatment. Be mindful of the below measures and use it to your advantage.

Mild : If you don’t experience any breathlessness, your Respiratory Rate (RR) is lesser than 24 and SPO2 greater than 94%, tele consult with your doctor and take all the necessary quarantine measures at home. Admission to a hospital at this point is not needed but monitor your vitals every six hours as a means of precaution.

Moderate : You’ll experience breathlessness and your RR will be 34 to 30 with SPO2 91 to 94%. In this case, get yourself admitted in a Covid Care clinic with oxygen support and take the necessary medications consistently.

Severe : If you’re experiencing severe breathlessness, RR greater than 30 and SPO2 lesser than 90%, it is critical that you’re given oxygen support with continuous monitoring. In extreme cases, you’ll need ICU with ventilator support.

Monitoring Pulse Rate (PR), SPO2, Respiratory Rate (RR), Breath holding time, Fetal movement count per day is vital. Please consult your doctor, if your numbers show

PR > 120

SPO2 < 95

RR > 24

Breath holding time < 20 seconds

If you’re experiencing uneasiness of any sort, excessive bleeding or reduced fetal movement, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor and get yourself checked. When in doubt, remember your doctor.