Can couples undergoing fertility treatment get vaccinated?

ashok-kumarAshok Kumar | 24 May 2022
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As the government advices everyone to get vaccinated, the question that lingers in the minds of young couples is whether it is safe for the ones who are undergoing fertility treatments to get vaccinated.

The answer would be, Yes. A statement given by ASRM, ACOG AND SMFM states that there is no theoretical evidence that Covid vaccines are reducing or affecting fertility.

There is also no evidence that proves that vaccines can induce any kind of fertility problems.

It is important for couples undergoing fertility treatments to get vaccinated to prevent complications that may arise due to Covid infections.

Since the pandemic is escalating uncontrollably, couples are coming up with several doubts about their fertility treatments.

What if you test positive during your IVF treatment ?

You may test positive before the egg retrieval process.

In such cases, your IVF cycle will be cancelled and you will be asked to wait for 28 days after you test negative to resume the cycle.

You may test positive after the egg retrieval process.

In such cases, your embryos will be frozen safely for later use when you test negative.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

If you and your partner test negative for Covid, you do not have to put your treatments on hold. Infertility treatments can be undertaken even if not vaccinated.

But it is advisable to receive your two doses of vaccines before going ahead with your treatments.

Because vaccination can prevent both mother and foetus in the future from contracting severe infection.

If you are a couple undergoing infertility treatments, consult with your doctor and get vaccinated to reduce the risk of Covid infection.