Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Of DOR

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 04 Mar 2022
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DOR is a condition in which the ovary loses its optimum reproductive potential, experiencing compromises towards fertility. This condition results from injuries and diseases but occurs from aging on a general basis. At least 10-30% of patients approaching the doctors for infertility end up with DOR as their principal issue. The number of eggs is extensively low in number and deteriorated quality. There is not a specific cause for DOR. DOR reduces pregnancy success and produces an increase in miscarriage.


Cigarette Smoking, Genetic Abnormalities, Aggressive treatments like radiation therapy, Ovarian surgeries, endometriosis, and sometimes Idiopathic. (No apparent reasons)

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Lifecycle of Eggs

Women are born with around 2,000,000 eggs.

That is the total number of eggs that a woman’s body could generate in her lifetime.

She loses her eggs with time, unlike men having a continuous generation of sperm.

As a woman gets into the onset stage of puberty, she has 400,000 eggs left.

When a woman reaches her late thirties, the number of eggs gets drastically declines to around 27,000.

At the onset of menopause, most women have only about 1000 eggs left in their ovaries.

Signs and Symptoms

There are no specific symptoms for DOR. Some women might have symptoms like reduced menstrual cycles ( <25 days)

Some women are affected by DOR after undergoing diagnostic testing methods such as transvaginal ultrasound and hormone evaluations for follicle-stimulating hormones and AMH.

FSH and estrogen are good indicators of female fertility and are one of the woman’s responses to ovulation reduction or stimulation that can help her conceive.


Though infertility has its share in affecting the body and the mind of an individual, the effect of DOA is cured with modern medical techniques. There are various assisted reproductive technologies like fertility preservation, Ovarian Super-ovulation, endocrinological usage of donor eggs, and In-vitro Fertilization.

The treatment becomes complicated for women with old age. A4 hospitals facilitate some of the most advanced tools and facilities for diagnosing and treating DOA. A4 hospitals take pride in curing DOA for women and giving them back their happiness by properly utilizing state-of-art technological treatments and doctors. Every woman has the right to be pregnant. A4 helps women to attain their rights and stay invincible in their future.