Reproductive Medicines and Procedures

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 12 December 2022
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Reproductive medicines and procedures have become advanced in a humongous manner. Human reach is on the verge of exceeding the human imagination with technology and science.

The world is about to change and get advanced day by day. Every choice that we make plays a vital role in deciding who we are and what we get in our life. So, in the ever-advancing world, the requirement for advanced fertility treatments becomes mandatory.

The technology has advanced in such a way that IVF, PGT, and various other techniques are incorporated into fertility clinics and hospitals. With an ocean of opportunities for people to look into, the choice that people take matter.

They need awareness in finding the perfect choice in selecting fertility clinics. Let us look into some of how a person can choose the right fertility clinic.

Success Rate of the fertility Treatments

NABS (National Academy of Biological Sciences)

The principal objective of NABS is to promote the latest knowledge obtained from the recent advances in both basic and applied biological sciences in various streams such as agriculture, animal sciences, forestry, zoology, and various other disciplines of biological sciences.

These standards are specific to the Indian Government. The first step is to check for the accreditation of NABS in your fertility clinic.

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ART (Assistive Reproductive Technology) standards

Assistive Reproductive Technology standards define all the techniques that seek to obtain a pregnancy by the means of handling the sperm or the oocyte outside of the human body and transferring the gamete or the embryo into the reproductive system of a woman.

Gamete donation, IVF, and gestational surrogacy are some examples of ART. ART services will be provided through ART clinics that offer treatments and procedures and ART banks that take care of the storage of gametes.

IVF clinics with ART standard accreditation are standardized and more trustable to select your treatment. These standards play a vital role in deciding the nature of the fertility procedures that the clinics do.

ESHRE CERTIFICATION (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology is a European Union standard that assists in evaluating the standard of Fertility Embryologists, maternity care personnel, and much more. ESHRE certification is aimed at providing support to promote the best reproductive medicines and procedures.

ESHRE certification validates the quality of fertility hospitals. When a hospital abides by the ESHRE certification, then the hospital gets a quality validation certificate, which makes them commit to trustworthy services.

A4 Fertility clinic provides state-of-art tools and techniques to make happy families. Despite being an advanced fertility technology research hospital, our aims are simple and classical. A4 aims at making happy families.

A4 maintains an international standard certification of all the aforementioned standards organizations. Visit the A4 Fertility clinic and let your family shine with happiness.