Getting Pregnant With Twins With These Tips

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 12 April 2023
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Many people are excited about the idea of having twins. Even though twins are often caused by genetics or luck, there are some things you can do to make it more likely that you will have twins. In this piece, we'll talk about different ways to get pregnant, lifestyle choices, and medical treatments that could affect your chances of having twins.

Learn about your genes

Your chances of having twins go up if your mother's side of the family has had twins before. If someone in your family has twins, you may have a higher chance of getting the gene that makes it more likely for you to release more than one egg when you ovulate.

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Age and Getting Pregnant

Women who have their first child later in life, usually in their 30s or 40s, are more likely to have twins. This is because changes in hormones can cause ovulation to release more than one egg. Fertility methods like in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and ovulation-stimulating drugs can also make it more likely that a woman will have twins or more than one baby.

Diet and Nutrition

Some study has found a link between what you eat and the chance of having twins. People who eat a lot of dairy products and foods high in folic acid, like dark green veggies, beans, and citrus fruits, are more likely to have twins. But these results need to be checked with more research.

Keep your weight in a good range

Twins are more likely to be born to women with a high body mass index (BMI). Even though you shouldn't gain weight just to increase your chances of having twins, keeping a healthy weight can help your fertility in general.


Women who breastfeed may have a higher chance of having twins. Prolactin is a hormone that helps the body make milk. It can also make the ovaries release more than one egg at ovulation. If you are nursing and thinking about getting pregnant again, you should know that you may have a higher chance of having twins.

Interventions in medicine

If you are getting fertility methods like IVF or pills that make you ovulate, your chances of having twins or more babies are much higher. These methods often cause the ovaries to make more than one egg or implant more than one embryo, which increases the chance of having twins.


There's no way to know for sure that you'll have twins, but if you know what makes twin pregnancies more likely and make changes to your lifestyle, you may have a better chance. Talk to a fertility specialist about your choices and learn about the risks and benefits of having twins if you are thinking about fertility treatments. At the end of the day, the goal should be a safe pregnancy, whether there is only one baby or more than one.