Impact & Affect Of Sexual Abuse

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 16 Apr 2022
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The answer is a simple yes to such an unsophisticated question

Sexual Abuse is any kind of sexual activity forced on a victim without consent. The physical, psychological and emotional distress experienced by the sexual abuse victim due to this kind of monstrosity is extreme.

Let’s stay away from physical consequences for a bit and concentrate on the long-lasting emotional and psychological ill effects.

Impacts of Sexual abuse

Infertility : Victims irrespective of age and gender, who have experienced sexual abuse at any time of their life, carry around truckload of issues like anxiety disorders, personality disorder and affective disorders.

Moreover, it affects the person’s interpersonal relationship especially intimate relationship.

This leads to incomplete sexual life which eventually becomes a cause for infertility.

The reason for the inability of the sexual abuse victims to have penetrative sex or the inability to deposit sperm inside vagina doesn’t have to be a physical malady alone rather it is psychological.

Do you need a Doctor Consultation?

Vaginismus : Vaginismus is one of the conditions that are caused due to sexual abuse, where women cannot have any kind of penetration in her vagina including tampons, menstrual cups.

An involuntary reflex of muscle spasm that closes up vagina preventing penetration. Vaginismus can be due to many reasons , one of the main reasons is sexual abuse and fear of sex.

In a society that frowns upon infertility irrespective of the reason behind it, A4 fertility Centre helps such couples with special counselling and therapies to urge them to talk about abuse and their fears regarding sex straight up.

This will provide for a chance to have normal sexual life, procreate and experience life on another level.

We have had many couples with various sexual problem being addressed by our doctors, psychological counsellors. We help them to finally go back with their dream fulfilled naturally .