Discovering the Best IVF Hospital in Chennai with a High Success Rate

aruna-ashokAruna Ashok | 20 May 2023
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When looking for the right place for IVF treatment in Chennai, it's important to find a hospital with high success rates, modern technology, and extensive care. A4 Fertility Hospital is the best at what it does, which makes it an easy choice for people who need help with fertility.

Impressive Success Rate

IVF and ICSI methods at A4 Fertility Hospital have been successful 83% of the time, which is a great track record. We have done more than 300,000 procedures, which shows how much we know about treating fertility. This means that you can rely on their knowledge to help you through the complicated process of IVF.

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Technology on the cutting edge

One important thing that sets A4 apart from other companies is that we always use the latest technology. The Lens Hook Semen Analyser is a high-tech tool that this hospital uses to find out exactly how healthy sperm is. In addition to that, we use the RI Witness System. This new technology makes sure that there are no mistakes in the lab when babies are being made.

A4 also uses 3D ultrasound scans to get a good idea of how the reproductive system works. This makes it easier to figure out what's wrong and figure out how to treat it, so you get the best care possible.

Handling Male Infertility

Our team at A4 offer extensive care for dealing with male issues. We use Microtese/Tese, an innovative method, to get sperm back when the number of sperm is low or none at all. Also, we have tools like Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) and Stem Cell Therapy, which are new technologies. These ways increase the chances of getting pregnant even more.

Best Care Maternity

At A4, we are always fully prepared for the journey after conception with high-quality pregnancy care. We encourage natural birth by giving the support and care that expectant women need. Plus, we also encourage the practice of freezing embryos, which gives couples an extra choice.

High-Quality Medicines and Extensive Care

A4 uses high-quality medicines from Germany to make sure that people get the best care. In addition, we also offer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving patients the peace of mind that help is always available.

A4 Family is growing

The fact that A4 has grown shows that people trust and respect A4. The hospital now has five more locations. With this growth, even more people will be able to use our top-notch fertility services.

Recognised Excellence

The hard work and commitment of A4 to provide the best fertility treatments have been noticed. The Times of India Health Survey said that A4 was the best single-specialty hospital in Chennai, which shows how dedicated we are to providing good care.

In conclusion, A4 Fertility Hospital is the best place to go for IVF treatment in Chennai. With their high rate of success, cutting-edge technology, balanced approach, and caring support, they offer more than just medical care for your fertility needs. Choosing A4 as part of your journey to get pregnant is an easy way to be successful.